Where to eat the best calçots in Barcelona

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Where to eat the best calçots in Barcelona

You might think winter is not the most exciting season to visit Barcelona, but if you come to visit the city between November and April, you may be surprised and even explore a new and less touristy Barcelona, with the extra opportunity to discover Catalan traditions and mingle with the local culture. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to try a must-try Catalan tradition during this time of year: calçots!

But first, what are these famous calçots really? In essence, they are a variety of tender onions with a sweet flavor, which are eaten roasted directly over the fire. They are usually combined with a traditional and tasty sauce called “romesco”, which is made with a mixture of roasted tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onion, ñoras (a variety of red bell pepper), dried chilies, toasted almonds and pine nuts or hazelnuts.

Romesco sauce

Calçots are very popular in Catalonia, as well as the tradition linked to them. This includes celebrating a calçotada, a gathering of friends and/or family where this food is tasted, as well as other grilled meats and vegetables.

You don’t have to go far to try this delicious vegetable, in Barcelona you will find several restaurants where you can enjoy an authentic calçotada. Here are our favorites:

Restaurant Carmen

Carrer de Valladolid 44

Carmen is one of the most popular restaurants to enjoy some calçots in Barcelona, thanks to the exquisite gastronomic menu offered to its customers, based on quality local products.

Carmen, chef and owner of the restaurant, offers a complete calçotada menu that includes grilled meats, vegetables and, of course, calçots. We recommend you not to miss her homemade desserts!

Calçots and other ingredients

Can Travi Nou

Carrer de Jorge Manrique 

Can Travi Nou is a rustic traditional Catalan farmhouse, which was opened by the Soler Ribatallada family in 1982. Located in the district of Horta-Guinardó, the restaurant offers authentic calçotadas and, although this is a little more expensive than our other proposals, you can enjoy ten private rooms and a huge terrace with a garden. It is an extremely romantic space chosen by many couples to celebrate a special occasion.

If you are looking for an elegant restaurant, but that preserves its decoration and traditional spirit, this is your place. Enjoy a traditional calçotada where, in addition to calçots, you will enjoy other delicious specialties such as mini cható with tuna belly, various grilled meats, coca del Maresme with tomato and escalivada with anchovies, among others.

Can Travi Nou

Nou Can Martí

Passatge of the Font del Mont 4

This traditional farmhouse located in the heart of the Collserola mountain is perfect for groups of friends or families, and is easy to reach from the center of Barcelona. This establishment opened its doors more than half a century ago, but it is still one of our favorites. After a walk in the mountain, enjoy a delicious menu at a more than reasonable price; which will include not only calçots, but also other typical dishes such as assorted toasts, tripe with chickpeas, cod, cannelloni and butifarra sausage. It is also necessary to mention that the views of the city from the restaurant are simply spectacular.

Casa Masana

Carrer de Balmes, 129

This restaurant will be your perfect match if you are looking for the calçotada experience without leaving the city center. In the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample, this brasserie specializing in pintxos also offers a calçotada menu during the winter months. They offer a wide variety of Mediterranean food, in addition to their specialty in grilled meats, wood-fired pizzas and, of course, calçots, one of the most complete menus in the city!

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Sara Barrio

Sara Barrio

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