La Mercè 2023: Your guide to experiencing Barcelona’s most famous festival

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Correfocs in La Mercè 2023, a very traditional activity in Catalonia.

La Mercè 2023: Your guide to experiencing Barcelona’s most famous festival

Barcelona, the gem of Catalonia, is known for many things: beautiful beaches, modernist architecture, spectacular cuisine, and its vibrant festival culture. So do not miss next 22nd of September, the opening of La Mercè 2023, and experience Barcelona’s festival with Aspasios.

La Mercè is an annual festival that pays homage to Barcelona’s patron saint, The Virgen of La Mercè. Traditionally celebrated on September 24th, but usually, it is extended over many days. During this period, the city is a mix of traditional and contemporary events that attract both locals and tourists.

This year the festival will be from the 22nd to the 25th and the city of Barcelona is already preparing for the festivities, activities, and multiple programs such as concerts, workshops, cultural shows, etc. You can experience a cultural exchange, the best known of these activities are The Castellers (human towers), the famous Correfocs with people dancing in the street with fires and flares, the parades of Giants and Big Head, and music festivals.

The poster for La Mercè 2023 is the work of a young illustrator, Chamo San. This extraordinary poster represents a large castle with representative characters of the festival. People of all ages and sensibilities, it wants to pay tribute to the cultural diversity of the city.

Poster for La Mercè by Chamo San that represents a large castle with people of all ages and the diversity of Barcelona culture. La Mercè 2023 experience Barcelona's festival
Photo by chamo_san

Main Activities

We leave you the dates of the most emblematic activities for La Mercè 2023 to experience Barcelona’s most famous festival!


The opening speech: The opening event of the festival, Pregó in Saló de Cent de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona starring the writer Najat el Hachmi. After the Pregó, there will be the Toc d’Inici, with the Ball del seguinci popular de Barcelona, the opening of sardanes (the traditional national dance of Catalunya) with the Cobla Sant Jordi and the music of the Ministrils del Camí Ral. It will be at that moment that the giants will be presented and there will also be fireworks.

Picture of Najat el Hachmi, a woman that will do the opening speech, Pregó in Saló de Cent. La Mercè 2023 experience Barcelona's festival
Photo of Najat el Hachmi


From classical music concerts at Plaça de Sant Jaume to performances by contemporary artists at Parc la Ciutadella they will offer a range of musical experiences. So, remember that during all the festival days, there will be multiple concerts in the different locations you can find on the Mercè website.

Each year, they culminate with spectacular music and fireworks that light up the Barcelona skyline. Find a prime spot on the beach!

Concert near beach, or any location of La Mercè website.


We start the morning with the Dance of the Bastons and the Dance of the Modernist Giants. There will also be a children’s Correfoc for the kids and the Tabalada infernal. There will continue to be sardana dancing and the activity of Falcons and Castellers. And on this Sunday, you can experience the concert Cors de Clavé, which is a choral society to raise the working class culture with music and song. 

Castellers, very traditional activity in Catalonia, that consist to do a human tower.


It is Monday, but the festivities continue! On the last day, there will be the havaneres, also the contradansa dels Gegants de Barcelona. And to say goodbye to these festivities there will be a pyro-musical, music, and fireworks in Avenida Maria Cristina at 10 pm. Would you like to explore other exciting autumn activities in Barcelona? Make sure that you check out our blog post about why to visit Barcelona in the fall.

Fireworks near beach with music to say goodbye to these festivities. La Mercè 2023 experience Barcelona's festival

Experience the end of the summer with the festivities of La Mercè in Barcelona from the comfort of Aspasios Apartments, which have a perfect location to spend an incredible weekend in the city.


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