Discover the city by Barcelona Port Cable Car

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Discover the city by Barcelona Port Cable Car

Starting in Barceloneta port, the cable car crosses 1300 meters (4265 feet) in ten minutes to reach Montjuïc Hill. It was finished in 1931, even though it was originally designed for the 1929 Universal Exhibition, and has kept its original appearance throughout the years, taking its passengers on a journey through time with a wonderful landscape to admire.

Why should you use the cable car?

When using the cable car, you go up to 101 meters (331 feet) above sea level, which enables you to have a very unique view of the city and see Barcelona as you have never seen it before. And as the facility hasn’t changed in its appearance, you can experience an almost authentic journey through time.

castillo montjuic-min

In addition to the stunning view and the authentic means of transport, the cable car enables you to reach Montjuïc Castle either by walking from the arrival point or by taking another cable car. The castle, currently a municipal facility, was built in 1640 as a military fortress and is very interesting to visit. Moreover, the views from the Castle are gorgeous, you can see all the city from the port to the big wheel of Tibidabo amusement park.

For more information about Montjuïc Castle, you can visit the official website.

The Montjuïc Hill also hosts the Magic Fountain, a huge fountain with water, sound, and light performances on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The ride

The cable car starts in la Barceloneta, more precisely on the San Sebastián tower which is 70 meters (230 feet) high and houses on its top a 360° view restaurant called the Torre d’Alta Mar. This restaurant lets you enjoy Mediterranean cooking while admiring the beauty of Barcelona.

port vell Barcelona-min

For more information about the Torre d’Alta Mar, you can visit its official website.

After the San Sebastiàn stands another tower, the Jaime I tower which is 101 meters (331 feet) high. Both these towers are part of Barcelona Historic and Artistic Heritage.

puerto Barcelona-min

The arrival point, Montjuïc Hill, is 56 meters (184 feet) above the sea level and reached in 10 minutes from la Barceloneta.

Barcelona port cable car will amaze the whole family with its views, so don’t forget to take your camera!

For more information, you can visit the official website.


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