Lars Physant comes to Barcelona

See the Lars Physant Exhibit at El Palau Moja

Martin Parr comes to the CCCB, Barcelona with "Souvenirs"

Martin Parr Souvenirs to the Barcelona CCCB

La Barceloneta Neighbourhood

Barceloneta Beachside Neighbourhood in Barcelona

July 1, 2012 Comments (0) Views: 2413 What to see?

There are few things more typical for a visitor (or resident) of Barcelona to enjoy thatn a day in the sun and on the beach in Barceloneta. This quaint neighbourhood on the seaside and was formerly the fisherman´s town in front of its more commercial neighbour of the gothic city of Barcelona, now incorporated into the vastly larger Barcelona we know today.   It´s time to put on that swimsuit because there is no time like the spring, summer and fall to hang out on the beach, enjoy a cocktail, and wander around the area´s tapas bars that line the beach.   If this area sounds appealing to you, try out one of our beachside apartments to make the most of your stay!   How to get to Barceloneta Barceloneta metro stop on Line 4 (yellow)

Playa de La Barceloneta


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Lars Physant comes to Barcelona
See the Lars Physant Exhibit at El Palau Moja

The latest work of Danish artist and Barcelona.lover Lars Physant, two decades in the making, can be seen now at El Palau Moja in the exhibit “Simultaneous Perception”.   The exhibit is travelling throughout Europe, having been seen most recently in Brussels. A citizen of the world, Physant´s work has...