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Burgers and Business: Interview with Brook N.


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Earlier this October, Brook N., an expat, businessman and Barcelona resident, sat down with me over burgers to discuss the wants and needs of business people in Barcelona, whether they are settling down or just coming through. As an international man of business, Brook doesn’t talk shop with just any apartments company and doesn’t eat just any burger, so we discussed Aspasios while he enjoyed the Mexican burger with guacamole and jalapeños (I ate the Indian curry burger, delicious!).

El Club de la Hamburguesa

El Club de la Hamburguesa

Why did you come to Barcelona originally?
It’s funny you should ask, actually. I came to Barcelona on vacation, but found the city to be such a liveable place. Outside of a business point of view, I’m into the beaches and the international crowd you find living here.

Why is Barcelona good for someone looking for or doing business?
Besides the conferences and congresses hosted here, Barcelona is a city with easy access to other parts of Europe (Paris and Milan being most important for me) and the cost of living is so low compared to the continent’s other business hubs.

Great points. What is it that you look for when helping find a business partner or acquaintance find accommodation here?
I look for connectivity. Wifi, cable TV, security, parking, and easy access to the city are all essential. I love the phrase that they use in Spanish for this, “well communicated”, as if by having access to the city you are communicating better with the world around you.

What neighbourhood do you live in? What do you love most about it?
Pedralbes, where I live, is nice because it’s quiet and very clean but a quick ride into the city center. In my area, we have the La Illa and Pedralbes Center shopping malls, inexpensive restaurants like Bar Tomás, and a lot of famous football players – CampNou, the Barça stadium, is within walking distance of my place. I walked to a Champions League game last week!


Aspasios Diagonal Style in Les Corts-Pedralbes

Swoon! What do you do on your days off around Barcelona?
I love living so near the coast and the beaches just outside of Barcelona. My personal favourite is the seaside town Gavà. It´s so nice to be able to go and lie on the beach and maybe knock around a few tennis balls at the Gavamar sports center there.

Sounds like a great daytrip for people looking to have an escape from the city. So why would you choose a company like Aspasios over others when looking for an apartment?
To be honest with you, I prefer dealing with people who have international experience. I need someone who understands me in the language I am comfortable with, English, and who understands my needs as a business person. It’s always a pleasure working with the Aspasios staff. El Club de la Hamburguesa: +34 933 181 026  C/ Valdonzella 3 en El Raval


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