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Gaudí’s Park Güell is About to Change

The famous Park Güell is about to undergo a big change. While the Park has been free to the general public as long as it has been under the care of the City Council of Barcelona, a small charge will soon apply to enter this popular landmark. Barring any changes, this will go into effect the 25th of October, but until then, the park remains free. In order not to alienate locals through this change, a smaller fee will apply to those living in Barcelona and a higher one to tourists. To make the park less congested than it currently is, the entries will be limited to 400 people each half hour, as opposed to the currently unlimited amount. If you´ve ever been through the magical gates, past the Gatekeeper´s House and up to the “dragon” stairway (it´s actually a salamander!) in at Park Güell during high tourist season, this will sound like good news! As you wander through the park, you can also see the “Sala Hipóstila”, the undulating arcade of over 80 columns that lead to the Plaza of Nature, and the iconic mosaic benches that look out over the city of Barcelona to the sea.

A couple in Park Güell

A couple in Park Güell

To see more inforamation about the upcoming changes, schedules and ticket prices, go to the Park Güell website. There you can also find information about the history of the park, the modernist genre of architecture and Barcelona culture to provide more context for your experience.

Mosaic in Gaudí´s Park Güell

Mosaic in Gaudí´s Park Güell

For now, Park Güell remains the same – filled with toursits seeing the park for the first time and locals returning to enjoy this magical place. Go for yourself to see the details photographed again and again by tourists, to hear languages from every corner of the world being spoken, and to witness the looks of admiration as people create unforgettable memories. Take home a tune in your head from one of the musicians in the park or a tchotchke from one of the street vendors to commemorate your journey!

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