Welcome to the new Aspasios

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Welcome to the new Aspasios

Aspasios introduces new branding. In an event with partners, employees and friends of the company the new logo was presented that will become the hallmark of Aspasios. A commitment to the future and innovation that has led the company to embark on a new path of growth. Ezequiel Salzberg, one of the founding partners of the company made a presentation of the new corporate image. In it he talked about the origins of his family and multiple trips that took them to Barcelona.

Ezequiel speaks of how this immigrant origin made him develop a special inclination for hospitality. Travelling can be heavy, difficult and even full of fear. For this reason,n the traveler needs to reach a place where the first thing that they receive is a smile. The value of arriving at an unknown place and feel like at home, is truly indescribable. A beautiful vision that brings a clear challenge; get every client entering Aspasios to find what he need.

We invite you to discover the new corporate image of Aspasios. A Lotus flower with simple and elegant designs that defines the direction of the company. In the “Odyssey” of Homero Lotus, a symbol appears to say welcome to the travelers. Aspasios means “Welcome” in Greek, and that is what we want to transmit. Welcome to a place peaceful and pleasant in which to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

We want that Aspasios becomes an oasis for you. The place where you can escape from stress. The deserved rest that awaits you after a long day of sightseeing and the warmth you need to feel at home, even if you’re miles away from yours.

The Lotus Flower symbolizes the elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and strength. An unexpected surprise that emerges from the water to make the world a little better and more beautiful. We want that Aspasios becomes this for you. We will continue working to make all our apartments offer you a warm welcome. The Lotus Flower also means renaissance. An opportunity to improve and continue working on making sure that in our apartments, you find everything you were looking for.

Welcome to the future of Aspasios. Want to join us on the road?



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