Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in Barcelona

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Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in Barcelona

St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on 17 March to commemorate the death of the patron of Ireland. In Ireland is a national holiday that is celebrated around the world dressing in green, and go to parades. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city in which we can find many different cultures. This influences the celebrations that exist in the city, where you can enjoy festivals in all parts of the world.

Last few years Barcelona celebrate this feast in various Irish pubs in the city. In this infographic we give you a few tips to enjoy a day in which the fun (and beer) can not miss.
Green clothes
. On this day it is tradition to wearing green. In addition you can take four-leaf clovers in the clothes.

Beer. An essential element to celebrate this day. In Ireland, one of the most famous beers is Guinness. But in any Irish pub you can enjoy some of the different varieties that offer. Visit Kitty’s O’ Shea one of the mythical Irish pubs in Barcelona. Each year it organizes a party that moved to the city the spirit of the true feast of St. Patrick’s day.

Music. St. Patrick’s day parades in which Irish music is played and danced traditional dance are common.

Food. Enjoy the authentic Irish food and typical dishes as the “Shepherd’s pie” a dish consisting of lamb meat chopped and covered with mashed potatoes.

Rugby. In Ireland, it is common to go to rugby matches. A sport that increasingly is spreading over the world. FC Barcelona has a Rugby section, there are other teams such as the CEU Rugby Barcelona which organise parties during this day.

We hope that you enjoy this original party. Looking for these days visit our website and discover the apartments that we have in the heart of Barcelona.


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