Enjoy a romantic getaway for Valentine´s day in Barcelona

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Enjoy a romantic getaway for Valentine´s day in Barcelona

February 14 is Valentine’s day. We propose enjoy it in Barcelona. Its celebration is widespread all over the world. Couples use this day to mutually express their affection and love. Its origin dates back to the 3rd century. Valentine was a priest who lived in the time of Emperor Claudio II, who decided to ban marriages for young people. He believed that single people without families, having no ties and would be best soldiers.

The priest considered this measure unfair and began to marry youth in love secretly. Claudio II, the Emperor found out and ordered Valentine to be imprisoned. The priest was martyred and executed. Since then, tribute is paid through a day in which the streets and shops are filled with hearts. There are people who enjoy this day very much and use it as leverage to buy gifts to their loved ones. Others consider that it is a day in which consumerism takes over our minds.

Whatever opinion you might have; we’ll offer you some options that we’re sure you will love. Take advantage of Valentine’s day and go on a getaway to Barcelona. Enjoy its streets, monuments and atmospheric corners with your significant other. And if you’re currently not in love with someone, remember that in some parts of the world this day is celebrated as a friendship day.


1. The Sagrada Familia. Designed by one of the most recognized and brilliant architects in history, Antonio Gaudí, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Barcelona. An authentic stroll through history.

2. Gothic quarter. A journey through the most emblematic part of the historic center of Barcelona. Let yourself be infected by the Bohemian and sentimental spirit that fills its streets.

3. Markets. Barcelona is full of markets in which you can browse, shop and eat. La Boqueria or Sant Antoni may be a good choice. Perhaps you find that special gift that your companion deserves.

4. El Molino. One of the most renowned Café concert of Europe for much of the 20th century and the 19th century. A space that’s all about strengthening romanticism and feeling that you are inside the Moulin Rouge.

5. Ciutadella Parc. A place to enjoy nature. Inside you can enjoy large landscaped areas, spacious groves and areas for walking. In addition, there is a lake and a waterfall. A good choice to escape the stress and enjoy an intimate and special moment.

6. Parc Güell. Güell Park is a public park with gardens, and architectural elements situated in the upper part of Barcelona. One of the major works of Gaudí, modernism and beauty.

7. Museums. Barcelona has lots of cool museums near the city center. You can visit National Art Museum, MACBA (Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum) or if you like sweet, you will enjoy a visit to the chocolate museum.
8. Montjuïc castle. An old military fortress located on the Montjuïc mountain. It was an installation of the Spanish army. An original visit full of history and special places.
9. Food. Barcelona gastronomy is very rich and varied. Some of the famous dishes of this city are the grilled vegetables, the calçots and its sausages, such as for example the sausage. A good dinner can be the starting point for a romantic evening.
10. Montjuïc. A special place from which you can enjoy impressive views of Barcelona. The best finish for a romantic ride through the streets of this beautiful city.

Visit and enjoy Barcelona with Aspasios.

Sara Barrio

Sara Barrio

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