Celebrating 10 years of Gastrofestival Madrid

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Celebrating 10 years of Gastrofestival Madrid

Once again Madrid becomes a great festival for foodies and gastronomy lovers, celebrating a new edition of Gastrofestival Madrid. If you are visiting the capital of Spain during these days, remember that you have an unavoidable meeting with this feast for the senses, which also celebrates 10 years on this 2019.

You can enjoy this event in Madrid from January 23rd to February 10th. This is an incomparable meeting between gastronomy and culture, bringing together the best of several art forms, such as painting, cinema, literature, photography, design or fashion; and the world of cuisine. Also remember that if you are visiting this interesting city, you can stay in one of our central and modern apartments in Madrid.

This year will include the participation of more than 450 venues and institutions, and more than a hundred activities to choose from. That is why we want to introduce you to the main sections of this Gastrofestival and let you know about the activities that you cannot miss.


Madrid Gastronómico

Tapas in Madrid

Within Madrid Gastronómico you will find more than 400 activities that will take place in different parts of the city. One more year, this edition will feature the participation of restaurants, cocktail bars, cooking schools, markets, gourmet shops and other gastronomic spaces, which are determined to show how valuable and diverse Madrid gastronomic choice is, introducing innovative dishes and trends.

Among the variety of options we recommend you the next experiences: Menús cinco estrellas (venues where you can taste the most outstanding dishes of both Spanish and international cuisine), Degustatapas (bars offering the best selection of delicious traditional and avant-garde Spanish tapas), Cenas a cuatro manos (a collaboration in the kitchen that combines talent from both Madrid hosts and great international chefs, in order to create interesting gastronomic proposals together), Clásicos de la gastronomía madrileña (a trip back to the origin of Madrid traditional cuisine with exclusive menus in specific restaurants) and  other proposals in Coctelerías or Gastronomic Routes (Ruta Golosa and Ruta del Café).

Don’t forget to visit Madrid Markets! There you will find a wide range of activities, such as gastronomic workshops, classes, tastings and wine and food pairings, and many more experiences.



In this section, you will have the opportunity to discover the most artistic and cultural part of gastronomy. This year, the most famous bookshops, art galleries and museums in Madrid will offer lectures, conferences, guided tours, workshops and other initiatives designed to think over the importance of gastronomy and its relationship with culture.

Some of the most original events from this edition are those dedicated to the relationship between gastronomy and cinema. These activities will take place in Palacio de la Prensa and they will be focused on famous film director Pedro Almodóvar, including the screening of two of his films linked to gastronomy in a certain way: ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto? and Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios. You can also find other events related to literature, art, music, photography or theatre.


Experiencias sensoriales, Enocultura y Gastrofashion

Wine tasting

These festival sections include several experiences such as courses to elaborate and taste different dishes, wine tastings, food tastings and pairings. Gastrofashion section offers experiences related to gastronomy and fashion & design combination, like a tour around Casa Décor in order to learn about the latest trends in furniture and materials for gastronomic spaces.


Gastrosalud y Gastrofestival Solidario

This festival reinforces the idea that “we are what we eat”, and encourages people to eat in a healthier way, including the possibility of finding a “Healthy Menu” identification within the restaurants participating in Gastrofestival. The festival also offers us a list of suitable restaurants for celiacs, and during the event there will also be informative workshops on products and food components.

Gastrofestival is also supportive. As you will be able to see, during this edition a lot of restaurants are committed to the NGO Acción contra el Hambre to make sure food will reach those most in need.


What’s new

On the occasion of the celebration of its 10 years anniversary, Gastrofestival includes new features. One of them is publication of Madrid housewives’s Cookbook, as an admiration gesture towards them and in order to transmit Madrid citizens’ gastronomic tradition. On this occasion, festival has also created Gastrofestival Recommends, that contains most iconic dishes from more than 30 restaurants in Madrid city.

Sara Barrio

Sara Barrio

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