Discover the best gyms to train in Barcelona

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Discover the best gyms to train in Barcelona

Are you planning to visit Barcelona? Everybody likes to go on holidays, to disconnect, to discover new places… Do not let the feasts in the restaurants of Barcelona turn your physicist off. For this reason, we’d like to suggest you a small guide with the best fitness centers to train in the city. Find yours and do not stop showing your perfect body wherever you go!

If you love to excercise, but rather do it inside than going for a run, use this guide to discover the Top 10 gyms in Barcelona.

– DiR Diagonal Fitness club is located in Sant Gervasi, a fully green area where stress and bad feelings are banned. What is important is to know how you can relax and recover energy for the return of your holiday, and DiR Diagonal knows how to help you. Cardio, Musculation, spinning,  yoga, pilates, spa, beauty center and solarium are the only words that you will understand. Find in DiR Diagonal the best wellness and fitness area you could ever imagine and enjoy an experience you cannot miss. New sensations will unwind you with a 50 meter pool and a perfect calmness area. If you prefer, you can also fin 3 outdoor paddle courts to enjoy playing with your friends and family. Now you can relax in this gym from 7.99 € per day.


– The Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools will help you enjoy Barcelona from above. Yeah, yeah, yeah!… They will not offer you wings, but something better. A fully prepared sports center to dazzle in one of the highest city views in Barcelona, ​​the Montjuich area. With 3 fantastic pools -two outdoor and one indoor-, you can play and swim while the Sagrada Familia, the Agbar Tower and many other views are at your fingertips. Spend a pleasant stay in Barcelona and surround yourself with peace, comfort and a friendly atmosphere in front of a unique view. If you prefer, you can also train in their gym. Now from 39.19€ per month, you can make your dreams come true!


– La Sala Magalí will be for one day your favorite studio located in Sant Gervasi only 2 minutes from the Diagonal Avenue. A unique experience will overthrow all your fitness myths. Under the theme “train hard, be strong and live better”, while training in this studio you will live a unique experience that will awaken your sixth sense, “the nonstop”. This gym is an explosion of activity where you will not be able to stop the beat. 30 to 45 minutes of performances and concentration will seize of your body. Led by the great Magali Dalix, La Sala Magalí never stops to encourage all users with an active and unique atmosphere that will surprise you! You can try it with day passes from 6 € per day or 12 € per week.


– Do you need a break? What you just need is to take your time and relax… The Club Natació Catalunya is located in the upper part of the city near of Park Güell. Far of noise and stress of the city, there is a place for you. Swimming pool, water activities, Spa and beauty center, all in one… Remember that holidays only happen once a year, are you going to miss them? And even if this is not enough, now you are able to find day passes for just for 9€! Do not miss it!


– In the heart of the Eixample area, there is an exclusive place for you, Áccura Bruc Gym. Relaxing in the middle of the city is a pleasure that not everyone is able to enjoy. Sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool … and a magnificient fitness and wellness area where you can take a break. This secret of Barcelona belongs to the Áccura, a chain of gyms which also manages Áccura Gavà, a gym near the Barcelona coast –only 15’ away from the city- with idyllic waterfront facilities and group classes to achieve a perfect balance between body and mind. You can now try Áccura Bruc in Barcelona from 6.20€ per day.


– A place for young and old amphibians: Nick Spa & Sports Club. This gym is located near Nou Barris, in the upper part of the city and it offers a space where you can let the water run through your skin releasing tension and enjoying a nice relaxing time surrounded by the best atmosphere and gardens. Great water areas and luxury fitness will be your colleague to disconnect from your city walks away from the city. Get 25% off in day-passes for the Spa!


From the small Barcino was born this gym called CEM Raval Can Ricart, located inthe heart of Barcelona in the area of Ciutat Vella. Between walls and narrow streets this gym offers a unique charm. It offers an indoor pool, hydromassage, solarium, physiotherapy service… Find in this place the chance to lose a few hours in a peace and tranquility sanctuary. Wrap yourself in a world of sensations with exclussive services and quality activities. Find discounts in day-passes of 26 % off.


– The Club Natació Barcelona fitness center is located in Barceloneta, just 1 step far from the beach with a Mediterranean character. This club has everything: fitness and wellness area, indoor pool, outdoor pool, sandy beach, volleyball courts and paddle, stand up paddle… and a lot more! Enjoy the break to swim, take a massage or try a spinning class and help yourself unwind from your most shaken moments. Connect to yourself and find your rhythm in this gym in front of the sea.


– At the top of the shopping mall Las Arenas blunts the Club Metropolitan Arenas, a gym that offers everything you can imagine when your are visiting the city. Relax and take a look of the Montjuic fountain while training. This is a pleasure you will be able to enjoy while visiting some of the biggest shopping centers in Barcelona.


– The cherry on the cake, the balance between sophistication, charm and comfort. The only gym that can offer all the things what you want, Fit Gym & Fitness Bliss Spa located inside the W Hotel Barcelona. Find in this gym a superb location, in front of the audacity of the Mediterranean Sea and near the Barceloneta area. Yes! You can now workout in the W Hotel and enjoy the gym services as their clients do. A world of sensations in front of your eyes. Access and take a look of the best deals.


These are the 10 most wonderful gyms in Barcelona. Experiment y yourself how does it feel to train there!Whether you visit Barcelona as a tourist or for work, or if you already live here… there’s no excuse now! Lots of activities, fitness equipment, relaxation areas, massages, solarium and more pleasures are waiting for you in the best gyms of the city. Discover them one by one in, and do not miss the best Fitness deals in Barcelona.

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  • Cécile

    I would recommend everyone to avoid DiR clubs as I had an appauling experience with them. Especially at DiR Gracia. They lied to me about the offer to convince me signing up, promising me I could access ALL clubs in Barcelona, and then when I turned up to the Tuset centre I was charged 10 euros and at Diagonal they just didn’t let me in. Then as I was surprised that I was signing on a machine without seeing any of the conditions of the contract (?!) they promised me I would receive all the documents by email but then I never received anything buy junkmail from them. Also I had to pay a whole year upfront to benefit the offer, but as I knew I only had 9 months in Barcelona to convince me signing up they promised me I could have half of the value of the months leftover at the end refunded, but when I left they said they couldn’t do it between July and September! Neither could they give ma a voucher like they had promised they would at the beginning! The rules kept changing and they kept bullshitting me, I have never seen such a bad client service in my whole life. I talked to 3 different persons and had 3 different informations. They are dishonest, only after your money. I will definitely never go there again if I return to Barcelona.

    July 28, 2015 at 3:38 pm

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