Top Five Things Madrid Is Famous For

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Top 5 things Madrid is famous for

Top Five Things Madrid Is Famous For

Madrid is one of Europe’s most amazing cities and has a lot of things for which it’s famous for. The capital of Spain is an exciting and dynamic metropolis with plenty of things to do and lots of places to enjoy. Of course, travelers usually have a limited amount of time when visiting a city, so it might be difficult to choose from the big range of things Madrid has to offer. That’s why our team at Aspasios have prepared a list of the ultimate things to do and see in the city. 

Prado Museum

Museo del Prado

The world-famous Prado Museum ranges, of course, under the top five of our must-sees in Madrid. The permanent collection features lots of different styles, time periods and artists, with a valuable collection of 8600 paintings and more than 700 sculptures. Among the artists exhibited here, you can find works by such great masters of European painting as Velázquez, El Greco, Goya and Hieronymus Bosch. Staying at Aspasios Atocha Apartments, you will be just 9 minutes away from this incredible museum. Don’t miss it!

The Center of All The Roads in Spain

Kilometer 0 in Madrid

Only 4 minutes away from Aspasios Calle Mayor, you’ll find Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, which is probably the city’s most famous spot. Among other things, it is well known for being the place where people gather on December 31 to celebrate the New Year. On top of that, the square is also the point where all of Spain’s six major roads start. While this fact is pretty familiar to Spaniards, most tourists have no idea that the “Kilometer 0” is located here. In the middle of the square, you’ll find a small plaque that shows the exact point where Spanish roads begin.

Calamari Sandwiches

Calamari sandwich

If you’ve ever been to Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, you may have noticed locals tucked into bars, eating a baguette stuffed with deep-fried, battered squid. This area is one of the best places in Madrid to try this well-known local delicacy. Calamari sandwiches are the must-try snack for anyone who travels to Madrid. You can have them at any of the local bars you’ll find around the city. The traditional version is served with mayonnaise. However, lately, some bars also offer a more elaborate version of this delicious sandwich.

The Oldest Restaurant In The World

Sobrino de Botín

As you probably know, Spain is an excellent place for foodies. The quality and variety of the contemporary Spanish cuisine places it doubtlessly among the world’s best gastronomic scenes. In this sense, Madrid is no exception. One of the most interesting experiences you can have here is eating at the world’s oldest and still existing restaurant. This Guiness World Record certified place is called Sobrino de Botín and was founded in 1725. In this old tavern-style restaurant, you will be able to try the incredible suckling pig and delicious roasted lamb. The best part? It’s a 3-minute walk from our apartments on Calle Mayor

The Temple of Debod

Travelling to Egypt without leaving Madrid is possible! Located in the Cuartel de la Montaña Park, 20 minutes from Aspasios Calle Mayor and 35 minutes from Aspasios Atocha, you will find an Egyptian temple of the second century BC: The Temple of Debod. Besides being an astounding construction, it’s surrounded by beautiful gardens in an enviable location in Madrid, where it’s common to meet with friends or go as a couple and enjoy the views of the city and remarkable sunsets. You can not miss this piece of history!

Finally, if you want to experience the city as a local, with total comfort and style, Aspasios is the perfect option. Whether you come as a couple, with friends or family, enjoy fully equipped holiday apartments in the center of Madrid and make memories you’ll never forget. Make your reservation!

Sara Barrio

Sara Barrio

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