Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona

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Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona

To discover the city of tomorrow, and learn how our future issues related to urban growth will be solved, you’re invited to Barcelona Smart City Expo. This fifth edition takes place from the 17th to the 19th of November and will approach different matters such as technology, mobility, smart society, sustainable city, and governance.


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Thanks to technology, our life has become way easier in many fields: communication, information, mobility… Smart City Expo aims to go further and enable technology to handle and link enormous quantities of data so we can improve infrastructures for all citizens to benefit from these improvements.

The exhibitors of Smart City Expo will propose different ideas related to technology to improve our everyday life: apps, machines, mobility, all in a comprehensive vision.


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Mobility has become a real issue in the past few years. Traffic jams, pollution causing illness… Smart City Expo will propose different ways to reduce the CO2 emissions: technological improvement of public transport to facilitate the use, electric vehicles, structures to encourage bicycling, streets more adapted to the pedestrian… Many exhibitors will approach these matters to create a more pleasant city for all.

Smart Society

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The idea of smart society is both about empowering the citizens and giving them responsibilities. If they can fully contribute to society, giving ideas and taking initiatives, they will at the same time create improvements and benefit from them. It can also create a stronger solidarity and a better quality of life in cities. Discover innovative ideas on this matter in Smart City Expo!

Sustainable Society

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Discover innovations in the field of energy to face the issues of urban growth, limited resources and climate change. Renewable energy, green buildings, new regulations in energy trading… all these will soon be necessary if we want to be able to keep on living and progressing. Smart City Expo exhibitors know it and have plenty of ideas!


Linked to the empowerment of the citizen, the idea of a more transparent governance could create more social cohesion too. With accounting data in open access for the people to know in real time where their taxes are being spent at, more power for regions and cities, with ability for the citizens to take part in the decisions, people would feel more like an actual part of their country and city, and may want to help to improve it.

If you too want to be an actor of your future city, and discover innovations to improve ourselves and our lives, come to Smart City Expo!

For more information, you can visit Smart City Expo official website.


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