Barcelona Childhood Festival

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Barcelona Childhood Festival

From December 27th to January 4th, the Montjuïc Exhibition Center hosts the Festival de la Infancia, or Childhood Festival. Through games and performances, your child will discover and learn about technology, ecology, many different sports, art, and coexistence in society. She or he will also be able to meet Peppa Pig and his friends, the characters of the famous British cartoon!

Feel like enjoying as a child with your children?


Festival de la infancia Barcelona-min

Play videogames, take part in funny and surprising workshops, and learn everything about technology!
Discovering the great possibilities given by technology early also means mastering it later. In today’s society, technology cannot be avoided, therefore it is best to learn how to use it properly and cleverly to avoid the dangers it could bring in your child’s life later.


Discover how to turn something you don’t want any more or that is broken into something new and better: the magic of recycling! Learn also how to grow your own plants and food like a grown up!
The automatic reflexes, positive or negative ones, are learnt very young. By teaching your children the benefits of recycling, you make sure they will become responsible citizens who will respect our planet, understand that they need and are part of it at the same time, and maybe live in a healthier society.

Adventure and sports

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The bravest ones can become real adventurers: climb a wall, walk on hanging logs, and many other activities worthy of Indiana Jones! You can also drive cars, electric bicycles, play football, take part in races… There are many ways to have fun with others!
In addition to the benefits related to health, sport enables children and adults to have self-confidence, to understand the social behavior linked to a particular activity, and to build relationships based on a common interest.


Take part in a drawing competition and art workshops to discover the many different ways to create what you want!
Support your children’s creativity by enabling them to discover different ways to express themselves will, just like sport, bring them more self-confidence and self-actualization.

One Day with Peppa

festival infantil peppa pig-min

Meet Peppa Pig and his friends for real! They will perform shows and play with you!

Play, meet new friends, and discover great activities in the Childhood Festival!

For more information about the Festival de la Infancia, you can visit the official website.


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