The real Carnival is in Sitges

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Carnival in Sitges

The real Carnival is in Sitges

From February 2nd to the 10th, Sitges Carnival celebrations will take place. It is an amazing show of colors, costumes and dancing in a wonderful setting on the Mediterranean coast.

Children and grownups will appreciate the colors, the festive atmosphere, the costumes and the music of this traditional event in Sitges.

In addition to bars and nightclubs that will celebrate Carnival in their own way, different “official” activities will be organized during the week.

The party begins: Sitges carnival

On “Fat Thursday” or Jueves Lardero in Spanish (February the 4th), people give in to a real food party.

On this day, the Carnestoltes (which means Carnival in Catalan) king and queen will arrive at Sitges at 7:30 pm, which marks the beginning of the celebrations. They will lead a parade in the streets of Sitges.

During the following week, the queen and the king will visit Sitges schools, retirement homes and take part in many events such as balls and shows all over the city.

Sitges Carnival Parades

The main parades will take place on Sunday 7th and Tuesday 9th. On these days, two parades will be organized at two different times: one for children and one for adults. The children’s parades (Rua Infantil) will take place at 12, and the Rua Disbauxa at 8pm on Sunday 7th and on Tuesday 9th; the Rua Infantil will take place at 3pm and the Rua Extermini at 8pm.

Sitges carnival dancers

They are real exhibitions of creativity, art and colors. You will be able to admire extravagant make up, feathers, costumes… All that in a friendly and festive atmosphere with music. This is the event that you don’t want to miss if you are in the area.

At the end of the parades, balls are organized for adults at night and for children during the afternoon.

Miércoles de Ceniza

Unfortunately, everything has an end and so do the Carnival celebrations. On February the 10th, called Ash Wednesday, or Miércoles de Ceniza in Spanish, the Carnestoltes king will be buried, and all the Carnival lovers are invited to tell him goodbye.

View of Sitges

Sitges is a beautiful town, and the Carnival may be the ideal occasion to discover it. Don’t miss this opportunity!


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