Gràcia Festival: Sant Medir 2015

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Gràcia Festival: Sant Medir 2015

Next Tuesday, March 3RD, the Gracia neighborhood celebrates its popular festival of Sant Medir, also known as Candy Festival. During the whole day, locals and visitors can enjoy a program full of activities for children and adults.

In the morning, approximately between 9am to 1pm, around 30 Collas (a group of performers) of Sant Medir, formed by horses, carriages, trucks and music bands which accompany them, will take part in parades walking the main streets and squares of Gracia, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and La Bordeta neighborhoods. The pilgrims will be in charge of throwing thousands and thousands of sweets and candies for all of you! We suggest you to carry out a big bag in order to keep them all 😉

sant medir gracia

musica sant medir

The night is definitely the best part of the Festival of Sant Medir. At 8pm starts the big parade with the different Collas. They are placed in formation one after the other, starting from the street Nil Fabra and continuing by Escorial, Sant Salvador and Gran de Gracia Streets, with plenty of sweets and great music. The formation will walk until Plaça Nicolas Salmeron, where a big scenario is installed welcoming some of the most important authorities in the city, like the mayor.

sant medir caramelos

sant medir de noche

Some suggestions:

  • Respect the horses. Don’t approach them and don’t throw sweets at them.
  • Don’t approach to the carriage’s wheels.
  • If you go with kids, try to follow the festival from a safe distance and lead them by hand.
  • In case it´s needed, please go to the security corps or the staff of the organization.

Here you can find the route: