Following the Gaudí Trail

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Following the Gaudí Trail

If one thing characterizes the city of Barcelona, it is the unique modernist style of architecture and its master, Antoni Gaudí. Lose yourself in his fantastical structures, an absolute must during any trip to Barcelona.

Each of Gaudí´s masterpieces is truly unique, inspired, and wonderfully beautiful, clearly inspired by the diverse beauty of nature. We here at Aspasios are great admirers of Gaudí and the modernist genre so we have gathered some information that we think is important for your stay on his most famous buildings.

La Pedrera 

This beautiful building located on Paseo de Gracia was commissioned by the Catalan family Milà to Gaudí, hence it is also known as “Casa Milà“. The fundamental difference between La Pedrera and the other modernist facades of this street is that, in this one, nothing is straight, everything has curves and there are elements made with natural forms. That’s why it will be so easy to differentiate it from the other buildings.

A secret: The 360-degree view of the city from the rooftop is breathtaking.

Sagrada Família

Undoubtedly the most emblematic building in Barcelona, and one of the most popular in the world. Built since 1882, and still unfinished, the Sagrada Família is one of Gaudí’s most imposing and marvelous works, both inside and out, especially in the evening light. Travel tip: buy your ticket in advance. The queues to see Gaudí’s masterpiece are constant, while it only takes a few seconds to access the temple if you go with your printed or mobile ticket. Get a head start!

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Casa Batlló

Josep Batlló, a textile industrialist who owned this building, commissioned Antoni Gaudí to renovate it, giving him total creative freedom. Initially, there was a desire to demolish the building, but thanks to Gaudí’s audacity, demolition was ruled out, and a complete renovation was carried out between 1904 and 1906. Casa Batlló is truly a work of art, considering all the different mosaics that compose it, the absence of straight lines, the arched ceiling and its bright colors. You can visit it the traditional way or enjoy the new immersive experiences with musical performances. Get more information on its official website

Plaça Reial

It may surprise you to learn that Gaudí himself designed the streetlamps in the Plaça Reial (Royal Square), in the heart of Barcelona. It was his first official work as an architect, in 1878. His first contribution to the transformation of the city. This square is full of life, located very close to the Ramblas, a place that tourists and locals alike visit to meet with friends or enjoy bars and restaurants. 

Güell Park

If you’ve heard of Barcelona, you’ve probably also heard of Parc Güell. The park is a reflection of Gaudí’s artistic plenitude: it belongs to his naturalist period, so it is inspired by nature and has a lot of iconography and mythological influences. The views of Barcelona from here are unbeatable, due to its location in the Collserola mountain range. Also, within the grounds of the park, on the Camino del Rosario, is the Gaudí House-Museum, the site of the architect’s residence from 1906 to 1925. Without a doubt, it is an obligatory stop for anyone visiting Barcelona.

Travel tip: Try to arrive early in the morning, and you will avoid the crowds that form throughout the day.

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