Drap-Art International Artistic Recycling Festival

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Drap-Art International Artistic Recycling Festival

Drap-Art is a non-profit organization created in Barcelona in 1995 aiming to promote creative recycling through the organization of events, workshops, markets and exhibitions all around the world. The artists of this organization create their work using garbage, found objects or damaged items as material and turn them into pieces of art.

The Grand Opening of 2015 Drap-Art International Artistic Recycling Festival will take place on December the 17th at Barcelona Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB), and activities and fairs will be organized on December 18th, 19th and 20th, and January 2nd and 3rd, respectively for Christmas and Three Kings day.

Drap-Art ’15 will consist in 8 different activities to enable the public to discover the possibilities of creative recycling: collective exhibitions of art made out of recyclable materials, interventions in public space, a space for thought and discussion, art & design market, participative workshops, performances, audiovisual sessions and environmental cinema.

Both national and international artists will take part in the event, as well as emerging and established ones, to promote the communication between countries and generations and in this way create a mutual influence and maybe enrich everyone’s art.

AMO - Tono Carbajo

From December the 18th to January the 3rd, Barcelona Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB) will host the 15th Collective Drap-Art exhibition (exposición Colectiva Drap-Art’15).

Different artists will exhibit their work, such as David Martín or Gregor Sailor or Tono Carbajo with his collection called Expulsados, dedicated to reflect about gentrification.

For the seventh consecutive year, The HERA group will reward an emerging artist and a professional one with the Residu’Art Award.

More than 150 artists, musicians, designers, and all kinds of creators will take part in the event.

Discover how garbage can be turned into art thanks to Drap-Art International Artistic Recycling Festival! For more information about Drap-Art Festival 2015 edition, you can visit the official webpage.


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