Bizbarcelona 2015

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Bizbarcelona 2015


Biz Barcelona turns Barcelona into the world capital of entrepreneurship. The event is the best platform for creation, financing and internationalization of businesses. It will help you find new ideas and grow your business. The gives its visitors access to the financial resources necessary to start a business or grow an existing one.

It brings together a large number of entities and institutions that promote an entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship, most notably the Barcelona City Council – through Barcelona Activa – the Generalitat of Catalonia, “la Caixa”, the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

If you visit Biz Barcelona you will gain a lot of knowledge and you will have the chance to find out more about the experiences of entrepreneurs/businessmen. You can learn lot from success cases in businesses as well as cases of business failures. Once more Biz Barcelona is positioned as the perfect place for inspiring and accelerating SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Companies will have the chance to get advice and information their business, and how to reinforce/consolidate their SMEs.

Biz Barcelona acts as a catalyst and brings together the need for exchange and professional guidance for small businesses and entrepreneurs who have a business plan. It gives knowledge on how to reinforce/consolidate their newly created companies, information on new markets and how to make business contacts. It’s a space for a short period of time, which supports innovation, entrepreneurship and businesses flows, making everyone feel part of the “Biz Barcelona cluster”. Participants will benefit from networking and cooperation contacts which is a very important part of running a business.Over 17,000 attendees are expected to attend the conferences and the workshops which will cover themes such as marketing 2.0, social media and e-commerce. They are also going to talk about sales and internalization, new opportunities and trends, funding and business management, and innovation in products and services.

It is a benchmark for the country’s new business structure which should be the basis of new global rules. It is part of this global transformation from the industrial economy to the information economy. Biz Barcelona is, therefore, part of the transformation of Barcelona into a city of the new economy.

In a single venue, Biz Barcelona helps you find your target market and potential future clients. A unique opportunity to showcase your products and services to the SMEs and entrepreneurs visiting the event! A show with an innovative and dynamic format which guarantees that visitors will find the best training, advice and contacts to grow their businesses!



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