Barcelona Zoo – A great experience

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Barcelona Zoo – A great experience

Do you like animals? If you are in Barcelona during your holidays of you live here, one of the funniest activities to do with your family is, for sure, visiting the Barcelona Zoo.

Barcelona Zoo has everything you need to enjoy and discover animals from all over the world with your family: currently we can find more than 2000 animals of 300 different species, in addition to 1300 trees, shrubs, plants and flowers of 332 botanical species.

Wandering around, you can find different sort of mammals, birds, reptiles, birds and amphibians,
There are also specific facilities for some of the species. They are divided into areas corresponding to the different kinds of species, so you can focus on the animals that interest you the most. Lions, snakes, gazelles, wolves, iguanas, monkeys, there are enough species to please everyone!

Meet all these exotic animals and learn everything about them.

Barcelona Zoo, what to know? Plain your visit

Barcelona Zoo has no less than 125 years of history. 125 years in which it has become a sale to nature and a way through which families, students and researchers have been able to learn in depth the secrets of animal and plant species.

The Zoo is open every days of the year, from 10:00 to 17:30h. You can get the tickets in the Official Website, where you can also read all the frequent questions.

Barcelona Zoo, how to arrive?

Barcelona Zoo is in an unbeatable situation to visit it: located in the heart of the city, in the Parc de la Ciutadella. Getting to the zoo is very easy by both public and private transport.

If you go by public transport, there are numerous bus lines (D20, H14, H16, V21 and V27), metro lines -L4 (Barceloneta and Ciutadella – Vila Olímpica) and L1 (Marina and Arc de Triomf)-, Renfe (Arc de Triomf and Estació de França) and Tram -T4 (Ciutadela – Vila Olímpica).

If you prefer to go to the Barcelona Zoo by private transport, one of the best options is to take exit 22 of the Ronda Litoral.

Once we have arrived, there are two access points: one through the Parc de la Ciutadella and the other very close to the Passeig de Circumval-lació.

Barcelona Zoo. What to see?

The Barcelona Zoo has different spaces where we can find different species of animals and plants.

Among the most outstanding are the following:

Aviary and Palmeral – Barcelona Zoo

Open every day and located at the entrance of the zoo, the Palmeral is a facility consisting of a set of thirteen aviaries in which a large number of psittaciform species live from all over the world, recreating their different ecosystems. Come and admire their colorful feathers, that remind visitors of the old African settlements seen in films.

Barcelona zoo-min

Gorillas area – Barcelona Zoo

Near the aviary, you see the Gorillas area, inaugurated in 2006 and dedicated solely to the gorillas, the primates closest to humans in intelligence an feelings. See how they communicate and behave in a society. We all remeber Snowflake, the white gorilla that became a symbol of Barcelona zoo a city and who has a privileged position in the exhibition.

Animales zoo Barcelona-min

Land of Dragons – Barcelona Zoo

To discover five animal species from Asia-Pacific, come to the area Dragons that will take you to an exotic journey. The facility consists of two enclosures: the first one for the Komodo dragons, the other one for the Muntjac deers, and birds from Asia such as the Java sparrow, the Nicobar pigeon and the Pied Imperial pigeon also live in this area.

Reptile House (Terrarium) – Barcelona Zoo

Close to the sea lions’ accommodation, for the bravest ones, Barcelona Zoo hosts one of the greatest collections of amphibians and reptiles in Europe: the Terrarium, inaugurated in 1972. From poison dart frogs and iguanas to large caimans, not to mention the giant snakes like the python and the boas. Not for the faint of heart!

The Reptile Hpuse also has an assisted reproduction room for animals which is open to the public.

reptiles Barcelona zoo-min

Titi Monkey Gallery (Marmosets gallery) – Barcelona Zoo

Currently seven species of the smallest and cutest primates live together and are waiting for you in the Titi Monkey Gallery, one of the facilities in Barcelona Zoo that is most visited and most admired. They will make you melt!

The Small Primates Gallery – Barcelona Zoo

Meet the Brazza monkey, the white nosed monkey, the putty nosed monkey, the red monkey, the Barbary macaque, the talapoin, the Siamang and the collared mangabey in the small primates’ gallery. Consisting of a covered corridor with glass walls passing through the facility, the gallery enables visitors to watch the animals climbing up and sliding down the walls, for the entertainment of children and their parents.

Primates Barcelona zoo-min

The Farm – Barcelona Zoo

Encounter, feed and pet ponies, rabbits and donkeys in the Children’s zoo. Ideal for children living in the cities, the farm will fill them with wonder. They will learn farm animals’ way of life, and associate their names to their real appearance.

But the Barcelona Zoo has a lot more to visit.

Sumatran tigers, lions, elephants, hippopotamus, kangaroos and many other wild animals are also in the zoo, if you want to know where to go to find them, take a look at the map of the zoo. And of course,you will enjoy with your whole family one of the star shows: the Dolphin Observation. Every day, the Zoo Delphinarium opens its doors (from 11:30 to 15:30) so that visitors can observe and know everything about these aquatic mammals (and, of course, what we all can do to protect and preserve them).

Don’t wait any longer and come to spend a great family time at Barcelona zoo!

For more information about the zoo, you can visit the official website.


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