Strata + Hadoop World Conference in Barcelona

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Strata + Hadoop World Conference in Barcelona

As Geoffrey Moore, the author of Crossing the Chasm, said: “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf…”. You have the chance to involve yourself in the data community with Strata + Hadoop World Conference in Barcelona.

It will take place from 19th till the 21th of November 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. You can dive deep into the business of data with the best and most original mind in the sphere. You will learn, connect, and explore the complex issues and exciting opportunities brought to business by big data, data science, and pervasive computing. You will find out how you can leverage the promise of this huge change, and survive the resulting destruction.


The event allows you to learn how to take big data from science project to real business application and discover training, hiring, and career opportunities for data professionals. You will meet-face-to face with other innovators and thought leaders.
You are going to dissect detailed data case studies from companies like Google, Datarella, and Statistics Netherlands. In that way you will find out how the other people face the same data challenges as yours. You will have the opportunity to come away from the conference with plenty of ideas which you can use to streamline your work and insure success.

The future belongs to those who understand how to collect and use their data successfully!
Attend the Strata + Hadoop World Conference and tap into the opportunity that big data presents!


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