Mobile World Congress: The Mobile Technology & Barcelona

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Mobile World Congress: The Mobile Technology & Barcelona

It has been a few days since one of the city´s biggest commercial events happened. We are talking about the MWC, also known as the Mobile World Congress 2013, which brings together the biggest companies and people in the telecommunications and mobile phone industries. Barcelona buzzes with activity along these dates and the city becomes associated with the technology itself. The conference’s success also means that nearly every hotel and apartment (and aparthotel) in the city is booked, not to mention tours, restaurants, and bars with those taking a break from business.

For us here at Aspasios, MWC means a lot of work too. There is a lot of demand for high quality, well-kept apartments with central locations and good, consistent service so it is no coincidence that we are at capacity over these dates! Among other things, this demand demonstrates the growing importance of apartment-type lodgings and a homey feel for travellers. All the convenience of a hotel and an apartment with that personal touch is what we offer in our Barcelona apartments. Basically, MWC is a big deal. It is back in Barcelona next year and it is expected to continue having a significant economic impact on the city. Just how big of an deal is it financially speaking? More than 320 million euros at the local level. That number isn’t taken lightly in these challenging economic times in Spain. Let´s look in greater detail at the financial transactions during the 2012 MWC through the website Thanks to this project, we can look at all the credit card transactions from non-local cards that happened over the 2012 MWC dates projected onto a city map. The visualization of the conference´s effect is striking. barcelona-credit-card-transactions-wmc-2012 In addition to the direct impact of the conference itself, MWC´s presence in Barcelona has influenced the existence and growth of the technological and mobile sector here in Barcelona, from smaller design firms to larger corporations such as Telefónica. Barcelona is now marked as an incubator city for mobile tech and related ventures. Just look at the number companies creating new apps for Barcelona through Apps4BCN. The passion of local developers for their city is evident in the apps created to help navigate the city´s art, culture, luxury experiences, and public transportation of Barcelona. Now all of our foreign MWC 2012 attendees have gone back to their countries of origin, but we are still here gearing up for MWC 2013, happening from the 24th to 27th of February 2014 at the Fira Gran Via de Barcelona Conference Center (+34 902 233 200 Av. Reina Mª Cristina, no building number in Hositalet) . We welcome all of you with open arms! This is an event not to miss out on.


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