Best Spanish Sim cards for Foreigners in 2016

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Best Spanish Sim cards for Foreigners in 2016

Whether you are coming to Spain for a short vacation, a longer (business) stay or even plan on moving here permanently, a Spanish phone number can prove to be very useful. Calling at local rates can save you loads of money, and having internet on your phone at all times makes it much easier to navigate your way through a new city. Which Spanish simcard is best for you? In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the various possibilities of phone plans without contract that can be suitable for foreigners.


There are several prepaid plans possible, both packages with a fixed amount of minutes and internet MB’s, as a pay-as-you-go options where you only pay for what you actually use. To top-up your credit, just visit a Vodafone store.

Package name Internet Calling Price
Vodafone Internacional Smartphone 1,5 GB 60 minutes €15,- per month
Yuser 1 GB 20 minutes €10,- per month
Superyuser 1,5 GB 50 minutes €15,- per month
Megayuser 2 GB 100 minutes €20,- per month
Vodafone Fácil 0 0 €2,- per 200MB (daily bundle)
€0.06 per minute/text
Vodafone Fácil Smartphone 300 MB 0 €5,- per month / €0.06 per minute

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For people who need to stay in touch with friends and family abroad, we recommend the Vodafone Internacional Smartphone package (just make sure your country is in this list). Others, who just want to use their phone within Spain, we recommend one of the Yuser packages as they usually give best value for money.


Orange offers a very simple deal: two fixed amount packages and one pay-as-you go. The nice this about Orange is that you have unlimited calling and texting with the Ballena packages. If you don’t want too much choice and know exactly what you will use, this is the right operator for you. Topping up is possible online, as well as in one of their stores.

Package name Internet Calling Price
Ballena 1 GB Unlimited €8,95 per month
Ballena 12 1,6 GB Unlimited €12,95 per month
Ardilla 0 0 €4,- per 300MB (monthly bundle) / €0,06 per minute / €0,12 per text

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Choosing the right Orange package really depends on your usage. For frequent surfers and callers, one of the Ballena packages is definitely a good pick. For those who use their phone only incidentally, the Ardilla package is probably the best choice. If you want to call your friends and family back home, Orange has an interesting deal where you can pay an additional €1,- per month and also use the minutes in your package to call abroad. When travelling abroad within the EU, consider the Go Europe top-up where you pay €1,- per day for either 100 MB of data or 60 minutes for calling.


Movistar is a relatively pricey choice and their packages can be a bit confusing, therefore it’s rarely the best choice for tourists. Also, with the Tuenti 12 and 18 packages, the unlimited calls are only with their VozDigital voip-service, which requires a stable internet connection.

Package name Internet Calling Price
Habla 6 0 0 €0,20 + €0,06 per minute
€0.1815 per text
Internet not available
VIVE 7 1 GB 30 €7 per month / €0,20 + €0,03 per minute
VIVE 13 400 MB 0 €5 per month / €0,1815 + €0,10 per minute
€0.1815 per text
Tuenti Tarifa 7 1 GB 0 €7 per month / €0,1815 + €0,0363 per minute / First 30 minutes of every call, only the initial €0,1815 is charged
Tuenti Tarifa 12 1 GB Unlimited (only VozDigital voip calls) €12 per month / €0,1815 per regular call
Tuenti Tarifa 18 2 GB Unlimited (only VozDigital voip calls) €18 per month / €0,1815 per regular call

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Yoigo is a great provider for people who want to have a cheap internet plan during their stay in Spain. The plans without contract are very simple: 2 plans with a different data limit and 20 minutes for calling in the second package.

Package name Internet Calling Price
La del uno 650 MB 650 MB 0 €8,- / €0,01 per minute
La del uno 1 GB 1 GB 20 €10,- per month

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  • Linda Lucia van Kasteren

    Tuenti can only be bought with a Spanish ID, or with a foreign passport, but with the foreign passport, you have to take 30 euros credit on it.

    March 15, 2016 at 12:11 pm
    • Stepanovic

      Thank you for your reply Linda Lucia, it’s very helpful 🙂

      March 21, 2016 at 9:30 am

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