Barcelona Leisure and Culture Guide

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Guía del ocio y cultura en Barcelona, Blog Aspasios

Barcelona Leisure and Culture Guide

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, offering many exciting plans for music lovers, art and theater enthusiasts, cinema “junkies” and foodies. There is a huge variety of activities which you can enjoy with your family, your couple, or friends once you have decided to leave your hotel or touristic apartments.

Barcelona is one of the most popular European destinations to enjoy the sea, urban culture and a surprising cultural agenda. Here is a list of places where you can enjoy the best music and the best cinema in the city:

Music in Bars and Pubs

Música en Barcelona, Blog Aspasios

If you are passionate about music and everything that surrounds it, here you have a list of some of the most emblematic places where you can enjoy amazing singers, pulsating rock, great jazz, and relaxing classical music.

  • Heliogàbal: This small place where you can listen to live music is located in the neighbourhood of Gràcia. During the las 15 years it has managed to become one of reference points for the artistic life of the neighborhood.
  • London Bar: This centennial venue located in the street called Nou de la Rambla in the city centre oftentimes features extraordinary acoustic concerts.
  • Tarantos: If you like the traditional Flamenco, Tarantos in the central Ciutat Vella neighbourhood is your place.
  • Little Italy: This lovely restaurant in the Born neighbourhood offers live jazz, which you can enjoy while eating their delicious dishes.
  • Margarita Blue: A cool cocktail bar in Ciutat Vella, where you can enjoy great drinks to the rhythm of Latin music and blues.
  • Harlem Jazz Club: This is one of Barcelona’s best places to listen to live jazz music.
  • La Rumbeta: Located in the Gothic neighbourhood this place is a must for all lovers of Rumba who spend a few days in the city.
  • El Col-leccionista: The place is great for all who enjoy collecting nocturnal memories and listen to live music.

Concert Halls

Salas de conciertos en Barcelona, blog Aspasios



Salas de cine en Barcelona, Blog Aspasios

There are also venues that offer art films and best international movies without dubbing.

  • Balmes Multicines
  • Boliche Cinemes
  • Casablanca-Gràcia
  • Cinemes Méliès
  • Cinemes Texas
  • Filmoteca de Catalunya
  • Maldà
  • Renoir Floridablanca
  • Renoir les Corts
  • Verdi
  • Verdi Park
  • Yelmo Cines Icaria
  • Zumzeig Cinema

Now you know enough about some of the best music and cinema venues in Barcelona to leave your hotel or touristic apartments. So, where are you going to start?

Sara Barrio

Sara Barrio

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