5 Things to Do this Weekend in Barcelona!

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5 Things to Do this Weekend in Barcelona!

Are you still being without any plan for this weekend? In today’s post we suggest you 5 interesting things to do this weekend:

1. Pixar turns 25!

Raise your hand all who have ever seen a movie from the company! Pixar turns 25 and CaixaForum wants to celebrate it with a bigh exhibition for the whole family: “Pixar. 25 Years of animation”. The exhibition was first put on in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York in 2005 and, ever since, it has been growing and travelling to exhibition halls all over the world. So parents and children, and anyone who wants to enjoy a funny and different afternoon, remember that you have a date at CaixaForum (Avda. Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8). The opening hours of the exhibition are from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm and the ticket price is just 4€.

pixar images

For all of you who are not able to attend the exhibition this weekend, don’t worry because it will be opened until the 3rd of May 2015.


2. Pixar in Concert

Taking the advantage of the Pixar’s 25th anniversary, the Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya presents for the first time a visual tour of the most popular scenes from its films with live music. Pixar in Concert is a show which will thrill both adults and children and it will give them the chance to take part of those mythical scenes from the animation cinema as if they were the players: Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and The Incredibles.

pixar in concert


When? Days and hours:

Friday, February 6th at 8.30pm

Saturday, February 7th at 7pm

Sunday, February 8th at 11am

Where? The concert takes places at the  L’Auditori (Carrer de Lepant, 150)

How much does the ticket cost and where I can buy it? The ticket’s price is 29€ and you can only buy it here.

3. Demanoenmano: Social Market

Demanoenamno is a social market celebrated this weekend in Barcelona. This traditional market takes place 1 time per month in different artistic and cultural venues from Barcelona and it offers us 2 different proposals: on the one hand, those related to the recycle world, the art of collecting, the secondhand and the vintage, and on the other, it helps us to know the new creations of artists and artisans of any field (photographers, illustrators, sculptors…).


When? Saturday and Sunday, February 7th and 8th from 11am to 9pm

Where? The event takes place at CCCB – Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (Carrer Montalegre, 5)

How much does the ticket cost? It´s free!


 4. Family concerts: “Tubos y Tubas”

If you want to see something different, you can’t miss up the concert “Tubos y Tubas”. It is a music show made only with recycled materials and accompanied by a dance performance. The concert is lead by the famous composer Albert Guinovart.

tubos y tubas 2


Saturday, February 7th at 5pm or at 6.30pm.

Sunday , February 8t at 10.30am or at 12pm

Where? The concert takes place at L’Auditori (Carrer de Lepant, 150)

How much does the ticket cost and where I can buy it? The ticket price is 10€ and you can buy it online here.

5. Chewie Market Barcelona

It has arrived: the 2nd edition of the Chewie Market, a secondhand market where you can find great bargains! Vintage fasion, deco, books, records…As the Chewie Market says: ” what someone doesn’t want, another can take profit of it”.


When? Sunday, February 8th from 11am to 7pm

Where? At CREC (Carrer Vlesa, 27)

How much does the ticket cost? It´s free!


Happy Weekend everyone!


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