10 reasons to visit Sitges

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10 reasons to visit Sitges

Sitges is a seaside town where there are multiple options to enjoy. We invite you to discover this beautiful place with us. Plan your getaway and get ready to enjoy.


1. The Carnival. On the day of Carnestoltes (which means “Carnival” in Catalan) the King and Queen of Carnival arrive at Sitges and the celebrations begin. A show full of joy and color that will make you enjoy this party like never before.

2. Gastronomy. Sitges is a village of sailors and this influences its cuisine and traditions. Enjoying dishes like ‘Sitges rice’ is an essential activity for the traveler.

3. The Xatonadas. The most popular dish of Sitges is the xató. A salad with anchovies, tuna, cod and olives served accompanied by a sauce of almonds and toasted hazelnuts.

4. Local wines. Sitges is located very close to the Penedès vineyard. During the visit don’t forget to try some of their magnificent wines, served as an accompaniment to a special dinner.

5. Parties. Sitges has many events for all tastes. In addition to the Carnival, you can enjoy Gay Pride, the International Fantastic Film Festival. Every opportunity is good to enjoy this beautiful environment.

6. The beaches. Sitges has beautiful hidden coves. Taking a stroll along its coast becomes a unique and very romantic experience.

7. Modernism. The architecture of Sitges is a wonderful sample of modernist art. In the village you can visit the Studio and the House of the poet Santiago Rusiñol. A pleasant environment that will make you enjoy an unforgettable evening.

8. Contemporary art. A visit to the Stampfli Foundation is a good opportunity to enjoy the culture and the art of Sitges.

9. The views. Nothing more romantic than to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea in Sitges. Organize a walk at sunset to conquer the heart of that special person.

10. Night life. Sitges is full of life, 24 hours a day. It has premises for all styles and tastes. A friendly atmosphere to have dinner, have a drink and have fun.

Visit and enjoy Sitges with Aspasios!



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