WePudding: the best place to spend a good moment with children

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WePudding: the best place to spend a good moment with children

What is more difficult than find a place to go with your children for lunch? Not so many things!

So we have looked for you a place in Barcelona where both parents and children can enjoy something to eat, parents will appreciate it peacefully while their offsprings will run and play with other.

We strongly recommend you to go to Pudding! This spot, with an explicite name, is maybe your solution to share a good meal with your lovely kids.

The atmosphere is totally Alice In Wonderland themed, everything is made for you to spend a good afternoon with kids, it’s a fun and inviting space where children can play, learn and eat.

You will be able to enjoy a coffee with pastries, sandwiches that you can compose yourself, french breakfast and many other things while the younger will play with games, iPads, will write on chalkboard or will read a book.

Don’t wait anymore and go there to spend a great time both your child and you!

More info about Pudding.

Address : Calle Pau Claris 90, 08010 BARCELONA

Phone : 936.761.025

E-mail : hello@wepudding.com


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