Fiesta Mayor of Sitges

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Fiesta Mayor of Sitges

On August 21 Sitges begins its festivities with a speech. Its the starting point for a few days in which the traditions and fun fill the streets. On August 22 the delivery of the flag of Sant Bartomeu to the president of the Festa Major Comissió is done.

The next day, August 23, the entry of grallers (gralla musicians, Catalan wind instrument) occurs from the street Sant Francesc, through the Cap de la Vila, Calle Mayor and Town Hall Square.


A celebration continues with the bell ringing from the church. In addition the festival is enlivened with music and dances in which the Sardana is the most representative element.

In the evening begins at the Town Hall Square, a parade of folk dances, giants, big heads, etc. At the end of the tour a complete dance called Moixiganga is performed. A popular dance typical of Sitges’ that represent religious scenes from the Passion of Christ.

Take the opportunity to visit a charming and beautiful village. Come to Sitges a place to enjoy wonderful beaches, long walks by the sea and a festival full of tradition and charm.


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