The best Ice Cream Shop in Barcelona

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The best Ice Cream Shop in Barcelona

Good weather has come to Barcelona and opens the season of ice cream. It’s a good alternative to combat the heat while you enjoy a pleasant walk through the city. In Barcelona you will find many options to enjoy this sweet food. You can also drink a rich horchata or a refreshing sweet Granita.

We bring you a list of some of the best ice cream parlors in the city. In our blog we give you the best ideas to make you enjoy your stay with us.



All their ice cream products are gluten-free, so all their flavors are suitable for Celiacs. They are handmade and are low in fat. An option for all, including vegans, since none of their creations has derivatives of animal origin. Take a walk beginning in our apartments in the Eixample and enjoy the delights of this ice cream.

Gocce di latte



Located very close to the Cultural Centre Born, this ice cream parlor offers natural products. You’ll find many choices from the typical flavors to other more innovative like ginger, Basil and lime. The perfect complement to enjoy a walk through this charming district.

Eyescream & Friends



An original way to enjoy this sweet. You can pick up a tray and parade among countless toppings (the only thing difficult is to choose only two). Then tell them your favorite flavor of ice cream, which will get two eyes of sugar stuck onto it. It is located in la Barceloneta near the port and the sea. The perfect setting to enjoy and make thousands of funny pictures for Instagram.




A healthy way to enjoy ice cream. They are made with low-fat yogurt. Choose between different toppings and enjoy this alternative to the traditional ice cream. More info at this link.




An institution in the city located in the center of the city, in the mythical Ramblas. Founded by Danilo Fregnan Girardello an Italian who brought to Barcelona the best gastronomic history of his country. Gelats Maximum works with the best raw materials. You can enjoy both traditional and innovative creations.

El Tío Che



An option for those who are looking for alternatives to traditional ice cream. Here you will find one of the best horchatas from Barcelona. It has an important tradition in the city. Take advantage of your visit to explore the neighborhood of Poble Nou where it is located. The taste is always adapted to the new times.

In Barcelona you will find many more options. Choose your favorite and enjoy this delicious sweet while touring a city that will never cease to amaze you.


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