Things to Do in Barcelona: A Guide for Aspasios Fuster Apartments

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Things to Do in Barcelona: A Guide for Aspasios Fuster Apartments

Barcelona is a city full of opportunities, events and activities for tourists. Due to it proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it offers a perfect combination between the attractions of a big city and the charm of coastal towns.

Aspasios Fuster Apartments Barcelona

Aspasios Fuster Apartments Barcelona

Where to stay

Among the different options for accommodation Aspasios Fuster Apartments are certainly a great choice. These touristic apartments are located in one of the most central areas of the city, just a few minutes from the famous basilica of the Sagrada Familia, built by Antoni Gaudí.

If you stay in these modern and comfortable apartments in Barcelona, ​​you will have lots of opportunities to have a terrific time walking around the city, visiting tourist attractions, or just doing shopping – all of which you can do without going any further than ten minutes from your apartment.

Barcelona Guide from Fuster Apartments

Dine out in Barcelona

Dine out in Barcelona

Where to eat

If you are a foodie, you will love Barcelona. Close to Aspasios Fuster Apartments there are some of the best restaurants in town. Here are our 5+1 favourites.

  • Cocina Macrobiótica & Energética
  • Manairó
  • Vinegre
  • CalBoter
  • Agura (Japoneses restaurant)
  • Colombia Pan y Sabor
Cocktails to relax

Cocktails to relax

Where to relax

The apartments are located in one of the most fashionable areas of Barcelona. But why is that?

In the last few months many interesting places for drinks and entertainment opened up in this neighbourhood. Here are some places where you can go out in the afternoon and at night just to relax and listen to good music, with your partner, your friends, your family.

1- Granja Petitbó: One of the best places in Barcelona to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, sweets…

2- ChichaLimoná: A great restaurant for fusion cuisine

3- Viti Taberna: The best place to try vermouth, ​​a drink that has recently become the young people’s favourite.

4- Café Buho: Intersting design, fine coffee.

5- La Glacé: Ice cream and home-made sweets – a delicious offer dedicated to candy junkies

6- Hofmann Bistrot: Specializing in food with a tablecloth and a knife with a slight French touch.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Blog Aspasios

Sagrada Familia

Where to go

Barcelona is well-known for being full of art in its streets. If you stay at Aspasios Fuster Apartments, you cannot miss:

1- The Sagrada Familia: The incredible church designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí is definitely a must. Although still a work in progress, the Sagrada Familia has become one of Barcelona’s symbols. We recommend to get the tickets on line in advance, since there is usually a big line to get inside. Less than 10 minutes from the apartments.

2- The Arc de Triomf: Another must-see monument, located on Passeig Sant Joan, less than 20 minutes walking.

3- Parc de Ciutadella: Only a 22-minute walk from the apartments.

4- Casa Macaya: One of the less-known, but incredible Art Nouveau buildings in Barcelona, built by Jospe Puig I Cadfalch, only four minutes from the apartments.

5- Monumental – Bullfight Arena of Barcelona: Although there are no bullfights in Barcelona since 2012, the Monumnetal arena is still worth seeing. Today it is used primarily for concerts, sport events and circus shows.

6- The Church of St. Pere de les Puel·lesA Romanesque and Gothic style church on one of Barcelona’s loveliest Old Town squares

This is just a short guide to the things you can do without using public transport, car, or bicycle, if you stay in the modern and central Aspasios Fuster Apartments. Just come to Barcelona and check it out.

Sara Barrio

Sara Barrio

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