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Gotico neighborhood














The Gothic Quarter Located in the district of Ciutat Vella, in the heart the city, the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) is the oldest and one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona. The friendly neighborhood is bounded by Las Ramblas, Laietana Via, Paseo de Colón and Plaza Catalunya.

Barcelona used to be the Roman city and thus the Gothic Quarter has some remnants of its glorious past. So here you will find Roman remains such as the City Wall Watchtowers and the columns of Augustus Temple dating to the Ist Century B.C.. The neighborhood can be seen as well the Medieval City, built literally on top of the Roman one several centuries later. The narrow, winding streets of the Gothic Quarter create quite a labyrinth.

We recommend that you should always look up and around you or you may miss some of the best bits. There are many peaceful squares where you can enjoy the surroundings and relax.There is also a big choice of restaurants and bars,each of them with an interesting design and a nice atmosphere.You will be spoilt of choice,especially arount Place Reial which is always full day and night.In the neighborhood the nightlife is also very good,you will always find a place to have a drink and dance.We will recommend you to pass by Calle Ferran, which is on one of the sides of Place Reial and leads to Place Sant Jaume.

There you will find great bars and cafes. One of the main attractions, right in the heart of the district is the huge Cathedral which has a stunning courtyard full of beautiful plants. Cathedral was built on the remains of previous basilicas,so the church has been held in different artistic styles over the centuries. Its origins are dating back to the early days of Christianity. Nevertheless, most of the preserved structure dates to the XIII century, when the Gothic basilica construction began. Here you will also see the bronze letters forming the name of the Roman City:Barcino and 2 Watchtowers with remains of both, Rom an and Medieval City Wall of the city.

Another important monument in the Gothic Quarter is the Placa Sant Jaume. Back in the Roman period this square was (and still is) where is where important government buildings were found.On the one side there is the Palace of Generalitat (The Government of the Autonomous Community of Catalunya and on the other stand the City Hall.This square has been witness to some of the most important events in recent Catalan history.On Sunday mornings, people come to dance the Sardana, the national dance of Catalonia. It’s a very Catalan moment and it worth checking out.

You should also visit The Plaça del Rei ( the King Square) is the most noble urban space of old Barcelona. On this square you can find some of the important medieval buildings of the city: the Palau Reial Mayor which contains the exquisite Saló Tinell banqueting hall, the Chapel of Santa Agatha and the Palau de Lloctinent. Moreover,shopping in the Gothic Quarter is also amazing,from the more commercial area of Calle Portal de L’Angel to all the little boutiques on Calle Avinyo. The Gothic Quarter is the cultural hub of the city and great for any type of traveller!

Make sure you walk around to experience all you can!