Using Social Media During your Travel to Barcelona

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Using Social Media During your Travel to Barcelona

So many of us are on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram these days. Some are avid users, checking and using these accounts multiple times a day while others are less savvy, using their accounts only to occasionally stay in touch. Did you know you can use social media to make planning your trip to Barcelona a little easier?  One of the reasons why we think social media is an important part of spending time in Barcelona is because many small businesses don’t have or maintain a fixed webpage, however, are on social media networks and regularly update. If using these websites (or their mobile counterparts) sounds intimidating, worry not, Aspasios is here to guide you on how to hone your social media navigational skills.


Facebook´s new graph search is a pretty cool tool – it has little to do with graphs and more to do with you being able to search your network the way you might actually group people, places, and things mentally. So if you’re coming to Barcelona, a nice way to prepare for your trip and connect with friends of yours who have also been is to search “friends of mine who have been to Barcelona” in the search bar on the top of your Facebook homepage. This allows you to see who you know that has already been to Barcelona, giving you trustworthy sources on planning your trip. Many businesses, including Aspasios, keep a Facebook page to let fans know about events, discounts, and news!


Pinterest is “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love” or, basically, a virtual corkboard that allows you to look at and gather from other users´ boards or during your regular web browsing. You can search things like “Barcelona with kids” or “Barcelona architecture”, or check out Aspasios´ own boards on Visiting and Eating in Barcelona to get inspired!


One of the best parts about Twitter, which allows users to update in 140 characters or less, is that it is all about the now-est of now, right now. If you’ve arrived to Barcelona and are seeking something to do, whether it be a concert, football match, or gallery opening, just search the hashtags (the # symbol followed by a word) for #barcelona and #event to see what is happening! Follow accounts, like Aspasios´, to have these delivered in a real-time feed every time you visit Twitter! Others…

  • Foursquare lets you “check-in” to locations such as restaurants, bars, stores, parks, etc and see other users´ recommendations, photos, and tips.
  • Instagram is a very popular photo sharing app that lets you share with other users and search photos by hashtag or location.
  • Google Plus helps you keep up with friends’ activities and business´ maintain pages that are automatically linked to Google searches and Google Maps.

The world of social media expands every day and can be overwhelming for some. This quick guide, though, will help you make the most of some basic networks that can really enhance your trip by connecting with other people! Do you have a preferred social media network that you use when planning or going on a trip? Tell us about it!


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