Restaurant Dans le Noir? – unique experience in the dark

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Restaurant Dans le Noir? – unique experience in the dark

Discover new sensations while eating! Come in Dans le Noir and enjoy their meals and wine tasting in the dark!

After the success achieved in Paris and London, the restaurant Dans le Noir arrives in Barcelona in order to meet the needs of those willing to experience new emotions. You are invited to live a very special sensory experience. Dans le Noir is breaking the tradition and preconceptions, which is why they believe that there´s another way to eat. Like in any other good restaurant, you can enjoy the most exquisite cuisine, but at Dans le Noir they strive to go beyond this so that a meal becomes a complete sensory experience.

You will discover textures, aromas and flavours that will revive your most forgotten senses. You may ask “How are they going to serve us in the dark?”.  At Dans le noir they believe that human capital is vital and they have made it one of their main pillars. All of the dining room personnel have vision impairments. More than just servers, let their visually-impaired guides be your eyes so you can enjoy the experience as much as possible. It’s a very emotional experience and this affinity brings us toward mutual trust and respect. This awareness helps us to realize the importance of their work and their ability to carry out any task. Trusting them will bring you closer to their disability, increasing your tolerance and personal development.

It is a paradox that without such a vital element as light, rather than diminish an experience, it gives it unexpected and unlimited potential. Without sight, something as basic and simple as eating becomes a radically different experience where all of our senses are intensified, giving us new sensations and emotions.

Dans le Noir? leads us to the true essence of flavour and changes our preconceived notions so that we experience the realities of fine cuisine. Their chef will prepare a sophisticated, sensory meal with high quality ingredients to ensure that your senses benefit from food’s true flavour.

Everything changes in the dark. Even routine things become very natural experiences. Whether it’s eating, speaking, playing or expressing yourself, everything has a new twist.

With no doubt, Dans le Noir is a must if you are looking for new experiences!



Address: Paseo Picasso 10, 08003 BARCELONA


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