How to Prepare for a Trip to Barcelona: The Barcelona Vacation

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How to Prepare for a Trip to Barcelona: The Barcelona Vacation

Barcelona is a destination for many people doing many different things, the most fun of which is the Barcelona vacation just for fun. With the right planning, you can enjoy your trip to Barcelona to the fullest in just 5 steps! 1. Book a place for fun! If this is your first trip to Barcelona, we recommend taking an apartment in or near the centre. This way, you can take advantage of the city’s walk-ability and gain insight into the local lifestyle. If you’re returning, try taking an apartment in a neighbourhood you don’t know yet to get a new perspective on the city! Some of our favourite lesser-known neighbourhoods are Poble Sec and Poble Nou, both former towns outside of Medieval Barcelona.

2. Read the right thing to get you motivated For first-timers, Barcelona has so many attractions that it can become overwhelming to gear up for your trip. The basic guidebook we like the most is the Eyewitness Top 10 Barcelona travel guide – with maps, restaurant recommendations, and handy lists of what not to miss by neighborhood, you can cover a lot of ground confidently. However, if you are returning to Barcelona, we suggest going off the beaten path with LeCool´s recommendations. With print and PDF versions of their guidebook, you can even bring this one on your tablet!


Equally for those just discovering Barcelona or those fanning the flames of love, we absolutely adore Carlos Luis Zafron´s historical novel The Shadow of the Wind. Slip through the sands of time into dapper 1940s Barcelona and see the city in a whole new light. 3. Plan, but don’t over-plan Now that you have the tools to plan your trip, pick at least one major destination a day, such as the Gaudí buildings or one of the museums, and book your ticket in advance. WePlann is one of our favourite resources for advance tickets to avoid lines and the disappointment of sold-out days.

Please know, though, that the best thing that can happen to you during your trip to Barcelona is getting a little lost. Wandering around aimlessly around and digging up your own treasures in the form of bakeries, boutiques, and dappled modernista facades is a quintessential Barcelona experience and since the city is very safe (aside from pickpockets!), you can enjoy this experience with reckless abandon. 4. Know where to eat Barcelona is home to some of the world’s greatest figures in gastronomy, such as Ferran Adria, but also to a large amount of very mediocre restaurants. Check out our Pinterest board of restaurant recommendations to be sure to make the most of your meals! 5. Be safe by being aware of your surroundings Barcelona has the great fortune of being a city very safe from violent crime. However, it does live up to its reputation for being one of Europe’s pick pocketing capitals. To avoid being a victim of this crime, do not carry large amounts of cash or your passport, carry bags that have secure closings that you can keep within eyesight at all times, or wear a money belt.* Most importantly, just be aware of your surroundings! *Sure, I always made fun of my dad for this one when we were on vacation as kids, but now I get why he insisted! Barcelona has something to offer for every tourist on vacation, so be sure to maximize your vacation with these simple steps. ¡Os deseamos el mejor!