Plans in Barcelona from 20 to 26 June

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Plans in Barcelona from 20 to 26 June

The sun and good temperatures welcome the start of summer in Barcelona. What are your plans to enjoy these days? In our blog we give you the best options to enjoy your stay in this wonderful city.

Sant Joan

Night from 23 to 24 June is the shortest of the year and marks the beginning of summer. In Barcelona the tradition is celebrated with the Flame of Canigó. A flame that is lit throughout the city. At each point there are various activities to welcome the flame. This year it will reach Barcelona at 17:30 and will end in the Plaça de Sant Jaume at 18:30. There the flame will be received by municipal authorities, dancing and there will be a distribution of traditional “coca de Sant Joan”. The party also is celebrated in many beaches in the whole city. In this link you will find more information of this tradition.

Music Festival

June 21 is the Feast of Music. To celebrate this day in Barcelona various activities are organized. Barcelona Symphony Orchestra will hold a concert at the popular beach of San Sebastian. In the event the Orchestra will perform famous songs of classical composers and songs from some famous soundtracks.

Ladyfest Barcelona 2016

From 23 to 26 June Barcelona the LadyFest will take place in Barcelona. An event designed to collect the different representations of art and music created by women. The inauguration will take place in Nau Bostik with concerts and performances. This place is also home to the rest of this festival in which there will be workshops, talks, music and more.