Barcelona’s Hidden Gem Market and Its New Look

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Barcelona’s Hidden Gem Market and Its New Look

The popular market among locals and tourists alike nicknamed Los Encantes (meaning literally “the charmers”) has recently changed location moving from one side of Plaza de les Glòries to the other. This unique and charismatic flea market is one of the oldest marketplaces in the region, dating back to the 1400s. The Fira de Bellcaire (the “Fair of Bellecaire”), as it is officially called, is one of the best places to find second-hand items in the city as well as products from factories and stores that are changing seasons, updating products, or closing. Great finds range from furniture and decoration to books, art, clothes and much more. One day, for example, there was a vendor selling wedding dresses and accessories – a welcome surprise at this commercial crossroads.

Obras de los Nuevos Encantes de Barcelona
Construction of the new market covering by firm B720

Locals anticipate the market’s transformation on many levels. The new “look” has been designed by architectural firm B720 with Fermín Vázquez at its head, a company that has infused the city with a modern touch with each of their buildings and designs. The neighbourhood itself is rapidly changing with the new Glòries shopping mall, the infamous Torre Agbar, the Museum of Design (Museo de Diseño) and, last but not least, the Disseny Hub, a conglomerate of smaller design-dedicated museums. All of these are on the same rotunda as the market’s new location – and that’s not to mention the ultra-modern CMT building and the National Theatre, also both nearby.

Venta de vestidos de novia
                                                                       A vendor selling wedding dresses

So back to market we go, under the new moniker Los Nuevos Encantes (“the new charmers”). A new feature of the market have places for up to 479 spots to be shared between vendors and kiosks and a central plaza as there was in the old location. In this plaza, the morning auctions beginning at 7:15am will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays. While not a building, the market’s cover will protect vendors and buyers alike from sun and rain and both groups will have their own parking areas at the new location. If you have a hankering to haggle, are craving a deal, or simply want to find something unique, come to Barcelona, stay in one of our fabulous apartments and spend a few hours at Los Encantes. Come be one of the first to see the market’s gleaming new location! +34 93 246 30 30 Avinguda Meridiana, 69 (Glòries)