A Unique Celebration: “La Castañada” in Barcelona

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A Unique Celebration: “La Castañada” in Barcelona

Enjoy Halloween in Barcelona and have more to talk about than spooks and ghouls! In Barcelona, the 1st of November, All Saints Day, is the traditional “Castañada” —Castanyada in catalan— (festival of the chestnuts). So if you’re planning a trip here this week, prepare yourself between the masks and costumes to enjoy the city decked out with vendors serving chestnuts in a myriad of traditional ways.

The “Castanyada” is one of Barcelona’s most treasured celebrations. Families get together to eat roast chestnuts (“castanyes”) and sweet potatoes while drinking muscatel, a sweet wine made in Catalonia. Traditionally, chestnuts and sweet potatoes are eaten on October 31st, the night before All Saints Day, but vendors can be found throughout the city almost until Christmas. The “castanyeras”, or chestnut roasters, grill the chestnuts and give them to you steaming hot wrapped in newspaper. Holding one of these packets is a great way to keep warm as the weather chills ever so slightly for the winter.

Another gastronomic delicacy found around the city are “panellets”, or small dessert breads. These little bites are slightly sweetened bread topped with almonds, pine nuts, coconut, chocolate, orange syrup, just to name a few options. They are a must when walking through the city’s street fairs to have the full autumn experience in Barcelona. You can also buy them in bakeries or even supermarkets.

We at Aspasios advise you to explore the city’s traditional “street food” and enjoy your time in this wondrous city. ¡Feliz castañada!


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