Looking at Barcelona Through the Eyes of Photographers

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Looking at Barcelona Through the Eyes of Photographers

Marta Fábregas and Marc Vidal have held the reins of photography studio La Fotogràfica since 1998. Throughout the years, this duo has honed their skills and run the gamut of photographic subjects and techniques, with experience in photographing people, interior design, architecture, still life, and fashion. Despite the range of subjects, they have developed a distinct, artistic style and approach that is reflected in their photographs and in the classes they teach. We’ve asked Marta and Mark to share a little bit about Barcelona from their point of view!

Your studio is in the Sants neighborhood. Why did you choose this area as your base?
When we started the studio, we lived very close by and we liked the possibilities that the space itself offered. Besides being easily accessed by public transportation.

Sants is a great neighborhood. Because of your work, you probably have to get around the city quite a bit throughout the day. What is your preferred form of transportation?
Mainly a motorbike. We have a Montese Impala that takes us to places in Barcelona far and near. If we ever need to bring a large amount of equipment, then we just load up the car.

La Fotogràfica has a course that is part theory at the studio and partly a walk around Barcelona with camera in hand. Is this a course for people already experts in photography?
No, the course is aimed at photo-lovers and aspiring photographers of all skill levels – people who want to learn how t use their cameras or who want to practice their skills in a vibrant, urban center. Barcelona is a marvelous place to take photos. It has lots of fascinating nooks and corners, with great weather and friendly people. We go to Las Ramblas, the Boqueria market, the Barcelona Cathedral, el Born neighborhood… it´s almost like doing a tour! For us, even in our own city, we are always discovering new things.

To bring things to a close, can you recommend a favorite nook or cranny in Barcelona? For someone who wants to take truly unique photos in Barcelona, where is a place they can capture the essence of the city? That´s hard to choose in a city with so many special little corners so we are going to have to choose a few… Plaza del Pi (Plaza of the Pines) is Marta´s favorite, it is a plaza where the traditional businesses have been preserved by the city and has an especially artisanal vibe. La Plaza del Rei (Plaza of the King) is Marc´s favorite, with its gothic architecture, incredible acoustics, and the Eduardo Chillida statue. And to capture the essence of Barcelona, we suggest exploring the area around the Born market on the Rambla del Born and around the Santa María del Mar Church. But Barcelona is a city of many faces and we always encourage you to keep an eye on the people around you, the people are always so interesting.