Discover Barcelona by Bike with this Special Offer!

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Discover Barcelona by Bike with this Special Offer!

At Aspasios, we think the city is best discovered on two wheels. Feel the breeze on your face as you breakfast in el Born and go shopping in Gràcia because when you rent a bike, you wield a tool of flexibility and convenience. All that you want to stop and see in the city is yours without being constricted by fixed hours or parking needs. Forget about congested subways when there are over 300 bike lanes throughout Barcelona!

Navigating the bike-friendly Eixample is easy, since it is all laid out on a grid plan. We´re making it even easier now with a great offer: get a free bike rental and a 5% discount on your apartment rental until November. You´ll never want to leave Barcelona!

Get on a bike for transportation that is ecofriendly, fast, flexible, and on top of it, great exercise!