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Música als Parcs: Live music program in Barcelona's parks

August 16, 2012 Comments (0) Views: 388 Activities

Enjoy the Music in the Parks 2012 Program!

Until the end of August, the public parks and gardens of Barcelona are open to the public for 41 free concerts of marching bands, classical orchestras, jazz groups, and more. See Barcelona´s many lush, verdant public spaces with free live music, brought to you by the city government. This series runs the gamut of parks and musicians with concerts everywhere from Turó, Joan Miró, Nour Barris, and CiutadellaParks to the gardens of Can Mantega, Ernest Lluch, and Mediterrània. The 17th year of this annual series focuses on 17 artists who will be playing mainly classical and jazz music. Aspasios wants to help you live life to the fullest this summer! Hear local and international musicians celebrate the green spaces and warm weather of Barcelona on these beautiful summer nights! Find more information here.

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